North Dalmatia

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Explore the best of North Dalmatia on this week-long sailing route. Choosing Zadar as your starting and ending point gives you the opportunity to explore one of the oldest Croatian cities. Visit five different islands and admire the beauty of surrounding islands while navigating to your next destination.

Find inner peace on the sandy beaches of Olib and Ist. Soak up the moon-like beauty of Pag and its Roman ruins. Explore the fascinating history of Rab and Zadar. With plenty of sunshine and turquoise sea around you, this will be a trip to remember.


Day 1: Zadar - Preko (Ugljan)

Sail to Preko, a part of Ugljan island, also called Zadar's suburb. Embark on an exploration of the place and feel the irresistible Dalmatian charm of the narrow streets and old stone houses. Finish the day with a nice dinner, and try some of the traditional dishes of the area.

Day 2: Preko – Olib

Olib and its sandy beaches are the perfect choice for nature lovers who want to enjoy the crystal clear sea and sunshine. The village is located on the west side of the island, but there is a beautiful bay Slatnica on the east side. Slatnica is a favorite anchorage of many boaters and a favorite beach of the islanders.

Day 3: Olib - Pag (Šimuni) 

Šimuni is a small fishing village with a camping village next to it. Pag is known for many Roman ruins, but some are located under the sea. At the camp you can rent diving equipment and set out to explore the underwater world and sunken ships.

Day 4: Pag - Rab (town Rab)

Rab is the main town on Rab island and the most visited, so get ready for crowded streets and lots of tourists. Regardless, it is definitely worth a visit. With its beautiful beaches, lots of sunshine and valuable cultural-historical heritage, Rab will leave you in awe.

Day 5: Rab - Ist 

Ist is another peaceful oasis in the Adriatic that boaters love. Something for which Ist is widely known is their maritime tradition, which is why it is still called "Captain's Island". This lovely place has only a few restaurants, but will give you true small island expirience.

Day 6: Ist – Sukošan

Sukošan is a small village that has more than ten kilometers of beautiful coastline washed by the crystal clear sea. Find yourself a spot and soak up the sun, take a walk or try the specialties of the area in one of the restaurants.

Day 7: Sukošan - Zadar

Sail to Zadar and spend your day exploring this 3000 years old historic city. Take a walk through theimposing Roman Forum and the Old Town and admire a stunning sunset at the Sea Organ which follows the intuitive flow of nature, creating random, yet calming sounds. When the sun sets, you can enjoy the pretty light of the adjacent art installation Greetings of the Sun.

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