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Once the embarkation date arrives we will hand over the boat to you with full fuel and water tanks, clean and in good working condition, and perform the check in together with you according to the inventory list. If we are not able to hand over the boat at agreed place and time, you can request a refund for the days you have not been able to use the boat. If we cannot hand over the boat within 24 hours after agreed deadline, we have to ensure another boat of same or similar characteristics. Any hidden defects of the yacht or its equipment, not known to us at the time of handing over the yacht, as well as any defects occurred after the yacht has been handed over to you, do not entitle you to request a decrease of accommodation costs. In case that some equipment was damaged or lost during a previous charter and new equipment cannot be delivered before the embarkation, you are not entitled to withdraw from the Contract, or to demand a discount of the booked price, when such missing equipment does not affect the navigation safety of the vessel or are not essential for the trip comfort, such as fresh water pump, fridges, toilets, kitchen oven.

During the handing, over of the boat, you have to inspect the vessel together with the authorized representative of our company and execute the inventory list. You can navigate the chartered yacht only within in the Croatian territorial waters and are not allowed to sublease or use the vessel for commercial purposes (like fishing, diving etc.). You have to carry the following documents at all times: passport or personal identification card, copy of the charter contract or voucher, crew list of all passengers. The person operating the yacht (skipper) must possess a valid motor boat operating license, which includes the license to operate the yacht’s radio station or must be able to present another acceptable license entitling such person to operate the boat in accordance with the applicable legislation. You have to return the boat to the agreed place and in the agreed time, with full water and fuel tanks. If you are delayed with returning the boat, we will charge the daily accommodation rate for a delay of up to 3 hours and the three-day accommodation rate for delay over 3 hours. You have to let us know in case of a delay caused by force majeure, as you will not be charged. In case of failure of the boat or its equipment you have to inform us immediately via one of the telephone numbers stated in the boat's documentations. We have to repair such fault promptly, immediately after receiving the notice. If we repair the fault within 24 hours from notification, you are not entitled to demand indemnification. You are instructed to treat and handle the boat with due care and to obey all applicable regulations. If we find that the skipper doesn’t have the necessary skills and knowledge, you will be offered to hire a skipper who will instruct and teach such a person on proper boat operation, or the base manager will allocate such boat a skipper for the entire charter period at an extra charge. If you as our client don't want to act as the skipper of the yacht, before commencement of the charter term, you must notify us of the name of the skipper. This nominated skipper will be co-responsible towards us. All consequences emerging from allowing unauthorized persons to operate the boat are exclusively born by you as our client. You agree to handle and treat the vessel and its inventory and equipment with due care. You must check daily the water and oil level in the boat's engine. Damages caused by insufficient oil or water are not insured and you will be fully responsible for those. In case of major break-downs and/or damages and in case of accidents involving other seagoing boats, such cases must be reported to the authorized Port captain authority. In such cases a protocol must be drafted on the case (signed by both parties) for the insurance company. At the same time, you have to notify us about such event. If you don’t act in compliance with this duty and instruction, you will be charged for all damages. Your signature under the Check-in list confirms that you have received the boat in the status and conditions stated in such Check-in list, this statement applying to the status of the boat in both its under- and above-water structure.

Boat insurance covers all maritime risks and includes obligatory insurance towards third persons. Any damage that happened during your usage of the boat and that wasn’t immediately reported to us or the insurance company, will not be accepted under the insurance policy. In such cases, you bear the entire responsibility for all such damages. Personal property items of the skipper or crew members are not insured, so we propose that you close a separate insurance policy for valuable items prior to the charter term of the boat.

check in: SATURDAY from17.00 h check out: SATURDAY until 9.00 h

Before the boat is handed over, you have to pay the security deposit as stipulated in charter agreement (this amount corresponds to the franchise deduction defined by the insurance policy). The deposit can be paid in cash or with credit card. In case of damage on the boat equal to the deductible franchise amount, your deposit will be used to cover the damage.


Should any damage be caused by the usual wear and tear of the materials during the yacht charter period, you have the right and obligation to arrange for the repair of such damages up to a total amount of 150,00 Euro, which we will reimburse after the boat is returned to base. If we repair the damage within 24 hours, you will have no right to demand any reimbursement. If the damage cannot be easily repaired on course, an early return to the charter base is required, because such damage must be repaired before the start of the new charter period. If you haven't caused the damage, we must ensure another boat of same or similar characteristics or refund for lost days of charter. If for any reason, we offer you a boat with minor characteristics, you have the right for an additional refund. In case you refuse the adequate solution, we offered you immediately, you are not entitled to any further complaints. If we haven't caused such damage, you are not entitled to any refund and will have to carry all additional costs relating to finding another suitable boat for you. In case of major and severe damages and engine failures, in case of loss of vessel and/or damage and injury to persons, you must inform us promptly and also obtain a protocol on the event issued by third parties (port captain, medical physician, appointed expert). Damages that are not reported to us and damages for which you are not able to produce an officially verified protocol will be considered as damages caused by you and you will therefore be charged in full for such damages.

If you are not able to embark the chartered boat on the due date for any possible reason you can find another user of the contracted charter services until the agreed date. If you are not able to find another user of the contracted charter services, the following cancellation fees will be charged: - 10 % of the total amount for cancellation after booking confirmation (non-refundable) - 30 % of the total amount for cancellation within 90 days before the charter period - 50 % of the total amount for cancellation within 60 days before the charter period - 100 % of the total amount for cancellation within 30 days before the charter period

In accordance with Article 6 Paragraph 3 of Consumer Protection Act (NN 130/17) We inform customers that a written complaint with which they express their dissatisfaction with the purchased product or the service provided can submit at our office. The complaint note must be co-signed by the representative of our company. In accordance with Article 6, Paragraph 3 of the Consumer Protection Act (NN 130/17), your written complaint will be answered in writing no later than 15 days after the receipt of your complaint. In your complaint, please write your first and last name and the reply address. The potentially awarded refund/compensation in your favor, may in no case exceed the contracted accommodation price.

In case of dispute that cannot be resolved in a friendly manner between the parties, the parties agree upon the authorized court in Split.

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