Middle Dalmatia

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Start your journey in Šibenik and sail through the islands of the Šibenik archipelago. This week-long sailing route will give you a perfect mix of everything. Small car-free islands,  breathtaking nature, and a lively nightlife, all in a week.

Rest your body and soul surrounded by turquoise sea on the small islands of Kaprije and Zlarin. Explore the interesting history of Primošten and Šibenik. Party like nobody's watching in Vodice. Admire the breathtaking waterfalls of river Krka.


Day 1: Šibenik – Kaprije

Sail through the islands to Kaprije, a center of Šibenik archipelago. St. Peter's Harbor provides excellent shelter from most winds. Although small, Kaprije has everything you'll need and you can finish your day with dinner in one of the restaurants.

Day 2: Kaprije – Primošten

Primošten is located on a picturesque peninsula that was once an island. Take a walk through the old town and get lost in the narrow streets of Primošten. For a dinner with a view, choose one of the restaurants by the sea.

Day 3: Primošten – Zlarin

Famous for its corals, Zlarin is a peaceful oasis without cars. It has only one village, but lots of small secluded beaches. So choose one and spend your day soaking up the sun.

Day 4: Zlarin – Vodice

After a day of relaxing on Zlarin, it's time to have a blast in Vodice. Long pebble beaches with lots of beach bars are perfect for enjoying a cold cocktail on a hot summer's day. No matter what part of the day it is, there's always a party somewhere. Vodice is definitely a party destination.

Day 5: Vodice - Murter (Jezera)

Located on the south-east part of the Murter island, Jezera looks like a typical Dalmatian fishing village. If your craving for a freshly caught fish, you can buy it in the afternoon from local fisherman.

Day 6: Murter- Skradin (NP Krka)

Start your day early and sail inland to Skradin. This beautiful old town is nestled between hills on the mount of the river Krka. Seize the day to explore Krka National Park and its stunning waterfalls. In the high season, tourists boats leave ACI Marina Skradin on the hour from 8am, returning on the half hour.

Day 7: Skradin - Šibenik

Make the most of your last day and take a swim in the fresh pool at the bottom of the final Krka waterfall. Have lunch, sail back to Šibenik and enjoy a night in the town.

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