Istria and Kvarner

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This week-long circular sailing route starts and ends in Pula, a beautiful historic city you will want to explore. Admire the beauty of Istria's coastline and Kvarner islands along the way while visiting the best of it.

Visit the stunning National Park Brijuni, a place where dinosaurs used to walk. Swim along the rugged coast of Premantura. Find your own privat beach on a car-free islands of Silba and Unije. See the impressive work of art that was under the sea for 2000 years in the Museum of Apoxyomenos. Taste the famous wine Žlahtina in Vrbnik.


Day 1: Pula - NP Brijuni

Sail from Pula to National Park Brijuni, a piece of paradise for boaters. It has two ports, Veli Brijun and St. Nicholas’ Bay. The National Park provides a vacation for body and soul, and has so much to offer that even two days won't be enough.

Day 2: NP Brijuni

Use the day to explore the Park. Visit the Safari park with a peculiar mix of fauna; search for dinosaur footprints; explore the Byzantine castrum and the Roman villa in Verige Bay, or study the flora of Brijuni Mediterranean garden. The most attractive inhabitant of the islands is Koki the parrot, so make sure to have a chat with him.

Day 3: NP Brijuni - Premantura (cape Kamenjak)

Sail to the southernmost part of Istria, cape Kamenjak. Picturesque pebble and rocky beaches along the rugged coast make this beautiful area an unavoidable destination in Istria. You can visit a Safari bar to have a coctail in the shade or take a walk to the highest point for a 360o breathtaking view.

Day 4: Premantura – Unije

Unije is the westernmost inhabited Croatian island and is car-free. It has only one small village on the west side of the island but it is certainly an oasis of crystal clear sea, peace and beautiful nature.

Day 5: Unije – Silba

Another small car-free island Silba hides some of the most beautiful beaches in the Adriatic. The only village is located on the central, narrowest part of the island. Stroll along the coast and find one of the secluded beaches and relax in a little piece of heaven.

Day 6: Silba - Mali Lošinj

Although his name means little, Mali Lošinj is the biggest city on the island Lošinj. Here  you will have the opportunity to explore some of the most beautiful attractions of the Mediterranean. Swim with dolphins, visit the Museum of Apoxyomenos, and inhale the scents of the Mediterranean in the Fragrant Garden.

Day 7: Mali Lošinj - Krk (Vrbnik)

Because of its Glagolitic heritage, Vrbnik is one of the most famous Croatian villages. His most important product today is golden yellow wine, the Žlahtina. Vrbik also has one of the world's narrowest streets, just over 40 centimeters wide.

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